Keep Me Away From My Dog

I can’t seem to stop injuring Ellie.

I took her on an extra-long walk today, during the day she had somehow gotten into a sealed jar of treats and ate the whole batch, so I figured she could both use the exercise and an extra chance to do her business. Right at the end of the walk she started falling behind and even labored up the steps to our house, I just figured she was a pooped pooch from the long walk. When I got her inside, I noticed blood on the floor and realized she cut her foot at the end of the walk, it’s the opposite front foot from the one she injured the other day while we were playing ball so it’s a wonder she can walk at all.

It stopped bleeding pretty quickly but I’m feeling a little cursed. Fortunately she bears no grudges, when I get home from work the three cats greet me at the door and after playing with them a bit, I go downstairs and there’s Ellie with her tail wagging in furious delight.

Emma is once again reveling in the electric warmth of the heated bed so last night’s foray was not a fluke. Fortunately Scout has preferred the window seat in the living room the past couple of nights as she will not be too pleased when she discovers there’s no room in the inn.

There’s plenty of room in Ellie’s bed Miss Scout.

I Broke My Dog! I Broke My Dog!

Today was a shutdown day at work, so instead of my usual workday routine here is how the day unfolded:

  • Sleep in with the cats all around me
  • Play with Ellie
  • Play with the cats
  • Play with Ellie
  • Eat lunch
  • Play with Ellie
  • Take Ellie to obedience training
  • Play with Ellie
  • Take Ellie for a walk
  • Play with the cats

Except in between playing with Ellie and taking her for a walk, there was a vet visit. We were playing ball in the backyard when all of a sudden she came up limp with her left paw hanging lifelessly and all I could think was “I broke my dog! I broke my dog!”

The vet was able to see her right away and as we walked her down to the car she was able to put weight on it, so I started to breathe a little easier. The vet gave her a good checkup and while we don’t know exactly what happened, it doesn’t appear to be serious so she may have just sprained her ankle.

She gets a week of taking it easy so we can watch for signs of trouble, which means no horseplay. Ellie tried to convince me that the vet actually said “mo’ horseplay”. Bless your heart Ellie, I can’t fault you for trying, but I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. She and my wife are sleeping in the basement while Scout and Emma are snoring in harmony beside me.

Leave It To Ellie

Today was our first day of obedience training at the Humane Society, we focused on getting Ellie to answer to her name and to obey our “Leave It” commands. Our star pupil did very well and since I’m off tomorrow (one of our mandatory shutdown days this quarter), it will be a good day to practice what we learned.

We’ve been curled up asleep on the dog bed in my office, a little reward for the both of us.

A Super Weekend

Our dog Ellie sleeps on a homemade dog bed my wife made for her

This past week we’ve made good progress on our slow introduction of Ellie to our world. She has free reign of the house as long as we’re home and this weekend was allowed to join us in the bedroom for the first time. No cats were eaten!

In fact, the cats continued to sleep on us just as they always have, with Ellie beside our bed on the dog bed my wife made for her. To show you just how well I know my cats, I thought the order of Ellie acceptance would go Scout -> Sam -> Emma. Exactly how it happened, except I got the order backwards.

The other day when my wife had the morning off, she and Ellie joined me on my walk to the train station. When it was time to part ways, I walked off and looked back to see her staring with such sorrow that you’d think I was drifting off to sea. It’s a cold soul that can turn from such a longing gaze but I knew the warm welcome I’d receive at the end of the day. Oh how her tail wags!