More Em

Our cat Emma sleeping on top of the cat tree in November 2009. Original: _MG_1376.cr2

Emma got her teeth cleaned over the break, and since it was her first time under anesthesia we were advised to keep her separated from the other animals for the rest of the day and keep an eye on her. I stayed with her in the evening in the guest bedroom and she was all over me, rubbing her head up under my chin, a temporary lap cat. Much like she was that first night we brought her home when she was so nervous, making me feel bad for her now, as I knew stress was driving her behavior.

My wife switched with me at bedtime as the other pets often sleep on me. Emma hates to be confined though and mewed loudly under the door and kept me from sleeping (but not, apparently, my wife). I eventually freed her and let her roam the house, but she decided instead to spend the night playing in our bedroom, grabbing little objects and then batting them around the hardwood. I got very little sleep that night but fortunately she was back to her normal self the next day and we both slept in peace once more.

Lady Em’s Second Favorite Tree

Our cat Emma sleeping on the cat tree on November 22, 2009. Original: _MG_1395.cr2

Last weekend I took the ornaments off the Christmas tree and yesterday took the tree itself down. Emma has lost her favorite tree but her second favorite remains. I took this picture of her on the cat tree last year after I got my new camera, I was using her as my test subject for using the off-center focus points.