Our dog Ellie lying down in the backyard in February 2010

Ellie’s leg woes continue. She’s had a bit of a limp so I took her to the vet today and she thinks it might be a torn ligament. Ellie is getting anti-inflammatory pills for a couple of days and then she will probably have to go back in to see what comes next. She’s isolated to the basement now with no activity, not even a walk, and certainly no hedgehogging.

Poor girl.

Was It Something I Said?

Our cat Scout with her back to me as she relaxes in her heated cat bed in my office in February 2010

Happy Birthday to Miss Scout, who was born nine years ago today! All of the pets were fĂȘted with their favorite treats in Scout’s honor. I couldn’t resist this picture a month ago when she was relaxing in her warm bed with her back to me.

I thought she would keep me up all night after we got back late Sunday night, which she usually does when I leave town for a while, but instead she curled up on me and let me sleep through the night. And the next night, and the next night, and I thought I was home free.

She made up for it last night.

We’ll see how tonight goes.

The Little Wolf Hunter

A close-up view of our cat Sam resting on my legs

Sam curled up and slept on my lap as I watched a documentary about the Druid wolf pack in Yellowstone. He woke when they showed some noisy ravens on a wolf kill and stood transfixed before the television, something I’ve not seen from him before. Suddenly wolves dashed across the screen and he jumped up and swatted madly at them. His claws were retracted so I let him have his fun attacking wolves and coyotes and elk and bison and all the animals of that great land. Finally, exhausted from the hunt, he settled back down to sleep on my legs. The documentary didn’t flinch from the brutality of the wolves to other animals and neighboring wolf packs, but even so, I hope for their sake they never have to face my little hunter. Particularly if I were to let slip the lie that they’re the reason he has to get his flea treatments.

These pictures are the first I’ve taken using the live view on the back of the camera instead of the optical viewfinder, something I can’t do with my older cameras. The live view allowed me to lower the camera to his eye level as he slept on my legs and get a much more intimate portrait.

A close-up view of our cat Sam sleeping on my legs