I’m Ever So Happy, Really I Am

I'm Ever So Happy, Really I Am

I’ve photographed Ellie many times over the years but most of my pictures don’t show her goofy and sweet personality very well. The problem is that the moment I stop playing with her so that I can take her picture, she pauses and waits for me to start playing again, and if her mouth isn’t open she just looks sad or even, as she does here, a little bit angry. Her eyes aren’t as wide open as they normally would be to help protect them from the falling snow.

But all of that snow on her snout is from rooting through the snow to get her ball, I assure you we were having a great time.

Snow Day

Snow Day

We got hit with a bit of snow the past few days and, since the city is not well-equipped to deal with it (our winters are generally pretty mild), we were sent home from work early on Thursday and told to stay home on Friday. Since Ellie loves the snow, I hoped to get some shots of her playing as the snow fell, but unfortunately much of the snow came late in the day on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday we were out during the day.

But I did get some pictures on Friday even if most of them are not action shots like this one, as its rather hard to both throw the ball and take the pictures. For this shot I think she was coming to get a treat as the ball is in the snow behind her. It’s a bit back-focused, the autofocus on the little EOS M is not at all quick, but to be fair even my SLR has trouble tracking her black fur.