Our cat Trixie plays with a pink mouse on the dog bed

When we adopted Trixie early last year and were keeping her in isolation for the first couple of weeks, I let our dog Ellie come in and join us since she and Trixie hit it off pretty quickly. I brought in one of Ellie’s dog beds so she’d have a comfortable place to sleep when she wasn’t on the bed with us, but it was used as much as an arena of play by the kitten as a place of sleep by the dog. Pink mouse became an early Trixie favorite and remains so to this day. I’m sometimes awakened in the middle of the night when Trixie brings pink mouse to bed and one of them isn’t quite ready to settle down for the night.

Chicken Wings

Our cat Boo rests on the hardwood floor

Even though I’ve seen Boo in this pose many times, sometimes I’m still caught off guard and have a brief moment of panic because I think he’s had a medical problem and collapsed. But it’s just his chicken-wing pose, which he’ll do at random places around the house when he wants to relax for a bit. And then it makes me laugh, just one of the many goofball poses of our Boo.

I like to think he’s pondering the great mysteries of the universe.

Boo in a Box

Our cat Boo sitting in a box just his size

“This is The Box Store, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for a box.”

“You’ve come to the right place, sir!”

“Do you have anything Boo sized?”

“Boo sized … Boo sized … ah! Here we are! Boo sized!”

“I’ll take it!”


Our cat Boo sleeping in the cat tree

There’s a long-running trend in photography of people photographing models in fancy dress in dilapidated buildings, a style I’ve never liked although it is quite popular. But even I couldn’t resist a shot of my lovely model in a run-down location, Boo in the old cat tree that we moved in front of the larger picture window. This part of the cat tree is showing signs of wear but it’s the bottom that has suffered from the love of five different cats, the carpet now in tatters. It’s a shame because we’ve never found another design that we (or the cats) like quite as much, although the newer one in my office does the job.

Mr. Cool

Our cat Boo sleeps in the cat tree in a relaxed pose

Boo keeps cool in the darkened living room on the morning of the 4th of July. There’s a dichotomy between his waking and sleeping selves, as he’s a shy and nervous cat in general but he can sleep in any position and often appears chilled out when relaxed or asleep.