“I Can’t Look Away”

Our cat Boo sits in his broken box

Boo and I wondered the same thing: would this end badly?

I had kneeled to photograph Boo sitting in the broken Boo Box when Trixie jumped onto my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my head and began playing in my hair. I could feel the gentle pressure of the claws on all four feet, it didn’t hurt but if she got more rambunctious I was going to get scratched to pieces. I was afraid she’d dig in if I tried to remove her, so I kept taking pictures of Boo while she played.

Thankfully she had her fun without harm and when she jumped down I was tickled to see that with the camera at his level I had gotten a picture of a wide-eyed Boo watching her on top of my head.

Life Imitates Life

Rockweed on the beach in a pattern that resembles a crab

After spending so much time photographing shore crabs in a tide pool at Lagoon Creek in Redwood National Park, it amused me to find a crab made of rockweed on the way back to the trail. It amused me further when reviewing the pictures after I got home, after not noticing while on the beach that one of the real crabs was missing one of its large front claws, that I hadn’t noticed this false crab was also missing a front claw.

A lovely case of life imitating life.