I Blame You, Boolie

A bald eagle sits on a mound as the rain pours down at Rest Lake in Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

This bald eagle seems to be looking accusingly at me as the rain pours down at Rest Lake in Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. It was a cool and wet spring morning after a cool and wet (and occasionally snowy) winter. Fair enough, I do love the rain and get a little cranky when it’s been sunny too many days in a row (such as today, as we enter another heat wave in May. May! It’s still spring!).

This is another picture where I took 4K video at the same time and the video gives a different feel to the photo and the moment it freezes in time. You can really see the rain hitting the water (and hear it hitting the car) in the video, as well as the current pushing the water past the eagle’s feet. And perhaps most importantly you can see that the eagle almost never looks in my direction, it was much more concerned about what was happening in the marsh, which is as it should be.

But in the photo, it’s gaze is fixed on me forever.

Me & the Pup

Our dog Ellie poses in front of a tree on a sunny spring morning in Portland, Oregon

I was up earlier than normal for a Saturday so Ellie and I headed out for our walk in the beautiful light of a sunny spring morning. At Irving Park I took a self-portrait with her even if one of us is only represented in shadow. The dog park is on the other side of the tree, and when we leave it to head south into the neighborhood we head out to my left and her right, down one of four streets of her choosing. She gave me a nice long walk on this morning, a lovely start to the weekend.

Sit Down Breakfast

A Columbian white-tailed deer sits in a meadow and eats on a rainy spring morning

A Columbian white-tailed fawn enjoys its breakfast while sitting in a meadow on a rainy spring morning at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. I got some 4K video of it too, it’s hard to see the rain in the video with the slower shutter speed but you can certainly hear it pounding down, and you can see the deer’s eating motion as it occasionally stops eating to listen. I’ll post the video once I learn how to edit it.

A Sidewalk Conversation

Tiles mark on address on 12th Avenue in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland, Oregon

“What would you like to know?” asked the Oracle.

“What year will I die?”

“The answer is at your feet,” she said.

I looked down as numbers suddenly appeared in the concrete. “2146? Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure!”

“It’s just that it’s 130 years from now, and I’m already 50.”

“Ah, well, you’ll be mostly robot by then.”

“I see. Will my death be peaceful?”

“For you or the dinosaur?”


“I’ve said too much!”

Don’t Fence Me In

Our dog Ellie rests on the hardwood outside our bedroom

I took this picture last summer of Ellie resting on the hardwood outside on our bedroom. We were having a heat wave and have a portable air conditioner in the bedroom and would make her stay in there during the savagely hot days, especially as she’s gotten older she pants heavily on hot or even warm days. But as you can see she doesn’t like being cooped up in there, more than anything she wants to be with her people and be at the door to greet me when I come home. Generally the weather here doesn’t get too hot but the last couple of summers have been hot and we hit 91 yesterday on May 22nd. May 22nd!

I have an appointment in a couple of weeks for an estimate on getting central air installed, which if feasible will make both of us quite happy during those days we need it. I love the smell of fresh air, and the cats like the open windows, but there are days where AC would be nice.