The New Picasso

A drawing on my whiteboard at work announcing my trip to Wyoming in the fall of 2006

The art world is abuzz over the discovery of what many are calling This Generation’s Picasso.

I drew this on my whiteboard at work last fall to inform my group I was leaving for Yellowstone and the Tetons.

It’s OK to weep.


  1. I thought you were announcing the start of a three-month vacation! that would be excellent. and no doubt inspirational for your inner Picasso.

  2. A three month sabbatical would be excellent, although I’d better stop smashing my cameras in the foothills of the Cascades first. I’d love to throw the cats in the car and tour the US for a few months.

    The only thing stopping me is the remembrance of the last time I took the cats in the car. Even Dante wouldn’t explore horrors that dark …

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