The Door Walker

Our black-and-white cat Scout sits on top of the door

Scout wasn’t the only one of our cats who liked to sit up high but she was the only one who you’d sometimes find sitting on top of open doors. This is from 2006 when she was five and I’m thankful for the pictures as she eventually stopped doing it, either from lack of desire or ability, and I might have forgotten about it altogether by now. The old cameras had a lot of limitations compared to those of today and I made the mistake of not upgrading them often enough – but to be fair to my past self I’m not much better at it today. I’m so thankful I have the pictures at all, it’s a joy to look back not just to remember the good times but also be reminded of how lucky I’ve been.

Happy 14th Birthday Pup!

Our black lab Ellie looks on on the day we adopted her in 2009

A picture from 9 years ago on the day we brought home this most wonderful pup. We don’t know her real birthday so we celebrate it on the anniversary of her adoption, even though she might have turned 14 months ago. You can see bits of white paint on her neck and face and ears, her previous owners were moving and must have been painting. The white fur below her mouth and just above it is natural, these days it covers most of that adoring and adorable face.

Three Years Gone

Today marks the three year anniversary of the day Emma died. I was driving along the Oregon coast this fall when out of nowhere I had this sudden thought of her and felt a sharp pang of sorrow that instantly brought tears to my eyes but not my cheeks. The thought passed as quickly as it arrived, the pain soon followed and I was back enjoying the beautiful seascapes once more. Those intense moments are rare but I’m surprised they still happen at all, it wasn’t like that with the other cats this far along, perhaps it was because she was so young and slipped so slowly through our fingers.

You are missed my sweet Em, but I’m deeply thankful for the years we spent together. In this picture she was about two years old, sitting at the entrance to my office.