I’ve been monitoring web traffic at for a week or two and here are some quick thoughts:

  • All 12 visits from Ireland have come from Dublin. I’m pretty sure this is Bono visiting my site, I’m a big fan of his and I assume the feelings are reciprocated. Tell the Edge and Adam and Larry I said hi!
  • Out of the 50 states in the US, I’ve been visited by 49. The lone holdout? West Virginia. West Virginia! One of my favorite places to hike when I lived in Virginia. Come on folks, show me the love.
  • Visitors came from six continents. Google doesn’t show Antartica, so I’m not sure if they’re visiting or if I’m persona non grata down there.
  • Visitors came from 38 countries, only one of which I’ve visited (the United States). I know people from China have visited the blog (at the very least to try and spam it) so I’m not sure why they don’t show up in the list. People from Japan have visited before but perhaps not the past week. But what’s up with Finland? People of Oulu, hear my plea! It’s dark and cold, what exactly are y’all up to? I visited you in November when it wasn’t exactly tourist season that close to the Arctic Circle!
  • Two iPhone visitors stopped by (and viewed a combined total of 3 pages, one more than I would have expected). I can’t imagine what my site must look like on such a small screen, but I’m curious to find out. If I accidentally drop my current cell phone under the train tomorrow and need to get a new one, it’s pure coincidence I assure you.
  • I’ve only been visited by one of the three countries in George Bush’s infamous axis of evil. I’m disappointed, as my efforts to spread peace, love, and understanding through pictures of my cats has stalled. The visit from Iran doesn’t seem to have attracted the attention of Vice President Cheney as I haven’t seen any entries for “undisclosed bunker” in my logs.
  • The vast majority (over 85%) of the visitors come from the United States. Apparently the rest of the world isn’t as anxious to learn about America’s newts and squirrels as I initially thought.
  • I’ve been curious to see how many of the places that I’ve lived (even if just for a summer) have visited. There are a few towns I’ve lived so small they’ll never show up no matter how long I watch, but more places showed up than I expected.
  • For that matter, the site is getting a lot more traffic than I expected.
  • There are many more Mac users than I anticipated. I expected the blog to be Mac heavy since many of the people who know about it use Macs, but the regular web site isn’t that much lower. But where are the BeOS and AmigaOS users?
  • There haven’t been any visits from Atlantis. I was hoping they might slip up and give away their secret location, but so far no luck. I’ll keep watching.
  • It’s really hard to type with Scout draped on my arms, so I’ll stop now.

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