5 a.m.

It didn’t make the local news, but early one morning I was brutally attacked without warning and without mercy. The coward struck under cover of darkness, attacking my feet while I slept. I knew my attacker even before I rolled over — Scout used to attack my feet while I slept when she was a kitten but it’s been years since she’s done that, and Emma is the only one of the new cats to perform such a heinous act.

I’m nearly blind without my contacts in but I can see general shapes and colors. It was still dark but there was enough light for me to know that my attacker was orange and not black. I used my feet to push Sammy off to the floor but he jumped back up, assuming it was part of the game. After getting pushed to the floor a few times he broke off his attack and cuddled up against me and we both drifted off to sleep.

You can get away with such things when you’re so cute and cuddly.

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