Six Months

About six months ago I started tracking my web site traffic and during that time there have been 12,455 visitors from 115 countries.

A few quick thoughts:

  • 80% of my traffic comes from the United States, which is not as high as I expected.
  • Visitors came from most of the Americas and Europe, much of Asia, all of Australia (all or nothing there), but not so much in Africa.
  • In Asia, I was rarely visited by countries that end in stan.
  • 87 countries have visited at least twice in those six months.
  • 47 countries visited an average of at least once a month.
  • 15 countries visited an average of at least once a week.
  • 5 countries visited an average of at least once a day.
  • The top six countries show the long arm of the British Empire: the US, Canada, India, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.
  • The next six countries show the long arm of Google: the Philippines, South Africa, Germany, Malaysia, Hungary, and Singapore.
  • I received no visits from the United Republic of Templeton, which upon further research turns out not to be a real country and was never in fact ruled by a little gray cat. In my defense, his passport looked very authentic, it had holograms and everything!
  • Traffic dipped noticeably during the summer when students were out of school here in the States.
  • The top search term that brought people to my site? Pictures of moths. Moths! I only have one moth picture on my entire site and it’s not very good. And I’m not ranked highly in either Google or Yahoo for that term, but perhaps I had a brief moment of glory sometimes in those six months.
  • The majority of visitors referred by search engines are looking for reptile pictures, where my site is currently ranked third in Google. Those hacks at National Geographic are ranked number one so I suppose I have little chance of being top dog. Maybe I should start focusing on moths …
  • I did notice a number of people arriving at my post called Fleabitis and felt a little guilty about that, since people looking for information on their medical condition are probably not in the mood for me cracking wise about Scout’s flea allergy, so I added a note that the correct spelling is phlebitis and provided a link for more medical info. Whoever thought there could be a downside to me making puns about my cats?

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