First Contact

Our dog Ellie on her second day with us, showing a little of the gray fur underneath her mouth

Sidka has mostly black fur save for a tiny white stripe on her chest and white around her mouth, I suspect when she was born she must have wiped her mouth on the ground before the paint was dry. Speaking of paint, she also has some white fur that is only temporary thanks to some paint splotches on her head and tail. The reason her previous owners listed for giving her up was “Moving” so they were probably painting the house to get ready to move and a certain someone got a little too close …

We are going to change her name from Sidka but haven’t finalized the name from our pool of candidates. We’ve crossed a few off the list, I had originally suggested Willow but little Sam was horrified and pointed out that Old Man Willow in The Lord of the Rings eats hobbits. I didn’t quite see the problem until he reminded me that he was named after a hobbit. Good point little one!

Today was the first introduction of Sidka to the cats. After taking her for a long walk and run and playing ball with her, I put her leash on and held her close while my wife opened the door to the basement. Scout wanted no part of the proceedings but Sam and Emma did eventually creep down, moving in super-slo-mo as they crept down from the top of the steps to the landing to the bottom of the steps and finally into the den. Sam was first to approach with the fur on his tail spread wide, he rubbed noses with Sidka before backing off again. First contact! He and Emma later approached but were intrigued by Sidka’s bushy tail, when Sam went in for a sniff Sidka turned towards him and both cats bolted under the couch at full speed. They watched from a safe distance until we decided to call it a night.

Not bad for a first introduction!

2 thoughts on “First Contact

  1. She’s very anxious to meet the cats but I kept her sitting beside me on her leash and she was very patient, when Sam came up and pressed his nose to hers she didn’t make any sudden moves. She does turn pretty quickly so when the cats come up from behind (avoiding the bitey bits) she wants to turn to meet them, which tends to scare them off. Towards the end she definitely wanted to get up to go over and say hello since the cats were staying under the sofa, but I want the cats to introduce themselves instead of vice versa so we called it a night.

    There was no barking or aggression, so far so good. I think as long as we don’t dress the cats up as tennis balls, they should be safe 🙂

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