Gang of Four

Four hoary marmots with an extensive amount of black fur sit on a large rock near the Skyline Trail in the Paradise area of Mount Rainier National Park in September 2009

All hoary marmots have dark fur in their face and feet, in some it extends into the shoulders and legs. But this gang of four, part of a colony near the Skyline Trail in Mount Rainier National Park, had the most dark fur I’ve yet seen, mixing in over much of their bodies. Some of the others in the colony had more typical coloring and they all intermingled between two large rocks, so I was pleased when these four finally got together to pose for their family portrait.


  1. Here they come!!

    Cheeks- and yet cheeks-arms-hands…. Arresting the gang of four is unfeasible since a collar cannot be worn.

  2. A marmot told a pika that told a robin that told a hawk that told me that, while the marmots were not admitting to any sabotage per se, I should consider the camera failure a blessing in disguise since now I will get many advantages from a more modern camera.

    I told the hawk to tell a grouse to tell a ground squirrel to tell the marmots that they are welcome to come to my house and do the same to my 20+ year old TV. I just hope they aren’t afraid of dogs.

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