Coping Strategy

A close-up view of our dog Ellie's face as she relaxes with her mouth open in the backyard

Ellie did really well during her recovery, but she did develop a coping mechanism — if I gave her a command she didn’t want to follow, she’d turn her head slightly to the side as if to say, “I’m not being willfully disobedient, it’s just that I can’t hear you, what with my head turned like this and all.” It was such a subtle gesture I didn’t catch on at first, but after a while it became unmistakable. I suppose I should be insulted at my dog’s estimate of my intelligence but it was so cute it just made me laugh. She’d always obey if my tone indicated she needed to, so I let it slide.

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  1. I love looking at your pictures and when I am having a really bad day, I take a break and go to your website
    and spend a few minutes enjoying your talents! You are a fantastic photographer and I love the stories that go with each shot.
    Thank you!

    P.S. I shared your web site with Kirsten Taylor.

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