Ups & Downs

Our black cat Emma sits on my desk

Emma’s struggles with bowel disease continue. While on the maximum steroid dosage her appetite returned to the point that she was eating several times her normal amount and at least stopped losing weight, even if she wasn’t gaining it. But as we tapered off the steroids the vomiting and loss of appetite returned, so we put her back on the maximum dose.

Her appetite returned and she seemed again to be holding her own but she had a rough night last night full of vomiting and diarrhea. This morning she wouldn’t touch her food and had no energy, although at least she was still drinking water. She had another visit to the vet with some injections and came home a little feisty, which was good to see as this morning I was afraid we were losing her.

She ate some tonight and just came up and kneaded my stomach for a while and purred and purred. She was even getting pretty talkative, unusual for our quiet cat, and now she’s sleeping beside me. It did my heart good to see my little buddy happy again, now we just need to get her healthy too.

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