The Guest Room

Our cat Templeton rests on my Powerbook

Looking at this picture from 2006 of Templeton recuperating in our guest room reminds me of the role the room has played in the lives of several of our cats. He spent a little time here in isolation from our cat Scout until he recovered from surgery to remove a sewing needle in his stomach. Two years later after he died, we adopted Sam and Emma and they spent time here before we were ready to introduce them to Scout. Now little Trixie is in the room after we adopted her in January, we’re just beginning her introductions to the rest of the family. Boo never spent time here after we adopted him as it was July and we don’t have air conditioning and this room gets rather hot during the summer.

The picture above I was surprised to see I had never put online before, the pictures below have been but I’ve recently re-edited them. Templeton was amazing and completely changed my thinking about cats, all the cats that have followed owe a debt of gratitude to this charming and occasionally mischievous little fellow in a handsome gray tuxedo coat. The pictures aren’t posed, I had been editing pictures on my Powerbook and got up for a moment and Templeton did what he always did — he stole my spot.

Our cat Templeton rests on my Powerbook

Our cat Templeton rests on my Powerbook

2 thoughts on “The Guest Room

    • The non-blue one is one of my old blankets, dating back to college or maybe even high school? We needed some blankets that would be comfortable for Templeton but that we wouldn’t mind given his condition if they got damaged if he had an accident or threw up or had seepage from his incision.

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