One of My Favorite Pictures of Em

Our black cat Emma walks away from the Christmas tree she knocked over

It pains me to think of all the old blog posts that are offline because I love going back and reading the stories, especially of the pets. I have thought of a way I could bring them back, probably should have done it a year ago, but it would cost a little bit of money and time, not sure if I’ll do it. In the meantime I was re-editing this picture of Emma after she knocked over the Christmas tree so that I could put the original post back online and laughed out loud when I read the story, I remembered most of it but had forgotten that as I was trying to get the tree upright, she jumped back into it.

The picture seems to suggest a pride in her handiwork, but that wasn’t Emma, she was walking over to greet me as she often did when I tried to take her picture. She wasn’t a mischievous cat, she just loved that tree. Sometimes too much.

Miss you Em.

2 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Pictures of Em

    • Black cats are so beautiful, three must be amazing! I’ll always think of Emma when I’m putting up the Christmas tree, all of the cats have loved the tree but her love was on another level.

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