We Were Doing OK, Weren’t We?

Our black cat Emma rests on my couch on a hot summer day

When I got up off my couch I had to laugh when I saw the expression on Emma’s face. Her bewildered expression might have been explained by her wondering why we had adopted young Boo and brought such change into her life, but in reality she was reacting to the heat of a summer night. The picture meant a lot to me at the time, as she had hung out with me more and more that year and, rather than retreat to the cooler basement, she chose to stay by my side instead.

I’ve been sitting on this picture for a while, rather than posting it, as it reminded me too much of her suffering at the end of her life and the pain and frustration of not being able to save her. As time passes, though, more and more it’s gone back to reminding me of the bond I shared with my sweet Em.

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