Birth of the Cool

Our black-and-white cat Boo leans his face into the cool air coming out of the air conditioner

We bought a portable air conditioner to get us through a miserable record-breaking summer and tide us over until we could see if we could get central air conditioning installed in our old house. Boo loved to stick his face into the stream of cool air flowing out of the vents, although I’d guess he was drawn more by curiosity than a need to cool down. We spent so much time in our little bedroom that I almost came to view the air conditioner as a member of our family. While not a large room, it did a fine job keeping the room cool even when it broke 100 degrees outside and despite the body heat from two adults, our black lab, and three cats.

I tried all summer to get this picture of Boo and this was the best result, although it isn’t sharp. I had to move quickly and in the low light my camera usually couldn’t focus fast enough, and if it did because I had to hold the camera out to get the framing I wanted, camera shake made the picture blurry (which is what happened here). Plus the sickly light from the fluorescent bulb in the lamp isn’t that pleasing.

That said, I love the picture and it makes me smile.

Today’s title is a reference to Miles Davis’ groundbreaking album Birth of the Cool.

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