In My Dreams I Run With You

Our dog Ellie sleeps on the hardwood floor in a running position

I love it when Ellie sleeps on her side in a running position, sometimes her legs churn and she makes “whoop whoop whoop” noises as though she’s running in her dreams. She does it more now, either from old age or the medicines she takes. I used to think that sleep separated us but it occurred to me recently that perhaps instead we’re continuing on together in her dreams, running without old age to slow her down, and the treats that come from my pockets are pizzas and pot roasts.


  1. I love when my boy dreams!
    First the sniffing, then paws twitch, a growl follows, erupting into a full run and barking. After a bit, chewing. He must have finally caught that elusive pot roast! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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