The Rigsketball van, a van with a basketball hoop on top

I like taking pictures of interesting things in our neighborhood as Ellie and I go on our walks, like old garages, animal sculptures, outdoor art, rock ‘n roll vans with basketball hoops on top …

Mmm hmm. Wait, what?

I was hoping there was more to this van than a hipster having a laugh and indeed there is, it (and another van with different artwork) belongs to Bim Ditson and his band And And And, and in addition to being their normal transportation, is used for the Rigsketball tournament, a basketball tournament they put on each year played exclusively by Portland bands. The hoop is folded down in the picture but apparently extends to regulation height. There’s a nice video that explains the motivation behind the tournament, to me it’s the genuine part of the weird side of Portland, not an affectation but the building of a community of disparate voices.

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