Lil Nibbler

Our smallest cat Trixie sleeps on the guest bed

I thought our first cat Templeton was a bit on the small side so I gave him the nickname Little One, but then we got Scout and later Sam who were much smaller. And then there’s Trixie, the littlest of them all, I think she’s up to 8 pounds something but is still a scrawny little thing. We try to get her to eat as much as possible, but all apologies to Emma who I thought was a slow eater, Lil Nibbler takes forever to eat and doesn’t always finish. She likes the food but also likes to nibble. I think she’d prefer just to graze throughout the day but there are three other pets who are ready to pounce the moment she walks away from her bowl. She is an absolute sweetheart though and I’m so thankful she found her way to our home, and to all those who made that possible.

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