Tiles decorated in a desert motif on a mailbox say '7695'

In Portland my favorite things to photograph while walking Ellie were the neighborhood art and the old garages. It’s going to be more challenging in Scottsdale as while there is a lot of art around, most of it is up against people’s houses and out of my reach. There is some art accessible from the street but I might have to settle for mailbox decorations more often than not. Of course the other limitation is Ellie wants shorter walks these days so the streets she chooses determines what I see. Which is fine, it’s walking with her I treasure most.

I like this garden we pass on our walks, these aren’t the native cacti I see on the trails and not the kind I’d plant in my own garden, but I like the variety of shapes and textures from the different plants. I’m assuming the statue is St. Francis of Assisi because of his love for the natural world. I’m hoping when we’re ready to buy we find a house that already has native desert landscaping but if not it’s something I’d like to add. I do appreciate the little strip of grass in our backyard because Ellie loves rolling around in it so.

A garden full of cacti in Scottsdale, Arizona

2 thoughts on “Scottsdale

  1. I thought I was the only one that did this. I don’t take pictures but I go door to door giving post cards of my art. I’m inspired by the artful things that so many people have in front of their homes!

  2. How lovely! It was our old neighborhood in Portland where I first fell in love with the little artistic touches in people’s yards, I hadn’t lived anywhere like that before but over time I fell in love with it, so I was pleased to see some of that here as well.

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