The Soaptree Yucca

A soaptree yucca is surrounded by shadows on an early morning on the 118th Street Trail in McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 18, 2022. Original: _Z726854.NEF

A soaptree yucca is surrounded by shadows early on a fall morning. This camera has a tilting screen which came in handy as there is a bush between the trail and the yucca so I was holding the camera overhead and using the screen to position the camera so the dried flowers on the flower stalk were set against the blue sky but without letting the big bush creep into the bottom of the frame. The screen didn’t help with the vertical shots, my little Nikon with its fully articulating screen would have been better there, but I ended up preferring the horizontal shot as I like the context it provides.

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