Bear’s Classroom

A map of NE Scottsdale showing with red traces many of the trails my dog Bear and I have hiked since December 2022.

If you’re wondering where Bear has been matriculating since Christmas, this map shows many (but not all) of the trails we’ve hiked in the massive preserve to our north, east, and south. I’ve tried to give him a variety of experiences on several dozen hikes as we’ve traversed probably 150-200 miles of trails, and he’s been an eager student. I didn’t think anyone could love hiking in the desert more than I do, but we may have a contender. I’ve never chased my tail when I find out I’m about to go on a hike!

Even if I let him outside before we go, he likes to poop pretty early on in the hike, partially to leave his scent for the animals of the desert but mostly to let them know who’s in charge based on who’s carrying whose poop. It’s kind of hard to argue the point!

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