This Is What Happens When You Eat the Dog’s Medicine

Our cat Sam sleeps on his back with arms outstretched after he ate one of the dog's pills

Sunday morning Sam ate one of Ellie’s pills so we called the ASPCA poison control hotline (1-888-426-4435) and verified he’d be OK. For a few hours he could see through time but mostly he just slept deeply through the afternoon. By dinner time he had perked up and with an appetite in full song he was ready to eat his food and everyone else’s.

Thankfully not as much as an adventure as last year at this time.


Our cat Sam sleeps on one of the dog beds on a sunny afternoon at our new house in Scottsdale, Arizona

I brought one of Ellie’s dog beds over from the rental house to help her get adjusted to the new house. She had to wait a bit to use it. I’ve been rather surprised by how well Sam has adapted to the move, at the moment he and Trixie are snuggled side-by-side on my legs. Ellie just moved to her bed and has joined them in sweet slumber.