Happy New Year!

Our cat Sam sits on our bed

As 2018 rings in, a picture from New Year’s Day a decade ago, about a week after we adopted Sam and Emma. Sam was allowed limited exposure to the house at large, which meant he also got to meet our oldest Scout face-to-face instead of under the door. She quickly became his hero. Today the roles have changed, he is our oldest and it is little Trixie who worships him. They are both curled up on my lap, but with fireworks in the distance he is too restless to sleep.

Rise of the Samwise

A close-up of our cat Sam curled up on top of the cat tree

The internal medicine specialist called yesterday and said all of Sam’s test results looked fantastic, and since he is doing so well on the new fiber-laden food, the plan is to keep him on it and see if that continues. The little fellow’s energy levels never dipped too badly but he is on full song now, tearing into his favorite catnip toy with abandon. This picture of Sam atop the cat tree with catnip sprinkled around him is from October, shortly before his health issues started.

My Morning View

Our cat Sam sleeps on our bed

Although I took this picture in the afternoon when Sam was sleeping on our bed, this is the view I have many mornings when I wake. It’s the view I have right now, albeit on my couch instead of the bed. If I was a cartoon character I’d have a Sam-shaped divot in my lap. A more snuggly creature you will never meet.

Moving in the Right Direction

Our orange tabby Sam sleeps in my lap

I meant to post this yesterday in honor of the 10 year anniversary of the day we adopted Sam and Emma but I ran out of energy in the early evening. Sam is responding well to the new food with extra fiber, he hasn’t had diarrhea in about four days and his stools have improved as he’s transitioned to the new food. His appetite has been good but there is still room for improvement, and we’ll see how he does overall when he’s been on the new food over time. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that consisted, in its entirety, of me scooping litter boxes and judging Sam’s poop, so I’m looking forward to when this twice daily activity becomes routine again and the little fellow is feeling better.

If he looks gaunt in this picture, he wasn’t, he’s just sunken down between my legs. He’s curled up on my lap at the moment with Trixie just coming in to snuggle up next to her hero.