Sam Approved

Our cat Sam sleeps between my outstretched legs on the new sofa in May 2019

In Portland I had a cheap love seat with a large matching ottoman that all the pets could join me on, but since it wasn’t in great shape we didn’t bring it to Arizona. However we also didn’t want to replace it until we were in our permanent home and knew the size and shape of my office, so in the rental house I used my wife’s old futon. It was comfortable to sit on, and inadvertently sleep on, but there was less room for cats. When they did sleep on my legs outstretched on a coffee table even little Trixie, 8 pounds soaking wet, was putting too much pressure on my knees. We found a nice used sofa with an attached chaise lounge at a secondhand store that was a good size for my office and the cats have enjoyed having room to snuggle up again, no one more so than Sam.

The Young Samwise

Our cat Sam in February 2012 sticking his head out of the heated cat bed in my office

Sam in early 2012 enjoying the heated cat bed in my office. He was our youngest pet at the time but is now our oldest. He’s been the least affected by Ellie’s death but that’s a relief, the deaths of Scout and Emma hit him hard so I’m thankful he’s taking the absence of the pup in stride.

This Is What Happens When You Eat the Dog’s Medicine

Our cat Sam sleeps on his back with arms outstretched after he ate one of the dog's pills

Sunday morning Sam ate one of Ellie’s pills so we called the ASPCA poison control hotline (1-888-426-4435) and verified he’d be OK. For a few hours he could see through time but mostly he just slept deeply through the afternoon. By dinner time he had perked up and with an appetite in full song he was ready to eat his food and everyone else’s.

Thankfully not as much as an adventure as last year at this time.