June in the Desert

Weather map showing temperatures above 110 degrees for the next week for Scottsdale, Arizona on June 12, 2021. Original: IMG_6149.jpg

These are the predicted temperatures for the next week at the house (we’re about 5 degrees cooler here than Scottsdale proper). We have a pool which makes it much easier to stay cool, but the high heat and negligible humidity are not going to help the tinderbox conditions in the desert. I feel for all the young animals born into what looks to be a tough summer, and for the older ones hanging on as best they can. Their world isn’t an easy one even during the best of times.

It’s also the time of year when my legs don’t appreciate that Trixie (aka Lil’ Furnace) loves to sleep sprawled down their length, but my heart sure does.

Breaking 100

A screenshot of the iPhone weather app showing temperatures in Scottsdale above 100 degrees for the next week

The weather isn’t the only thing breaking 100, sometime in the last couple of weeks I took my 100th hike since moving to Arizona and I’ve taken a handful more since. Most of those have been on one of the many trails of McDowell Sonoran Preserve, at over 30,000 acres the largest urban park in the US. Our new house is near the northern and central trailheads, which not coincidentally are my favorites. The commute to work is a bit longer than the other houses we looked at it but it sure is nice to only have a 10 minute drive when you want to be on the trails at a quarter to five in the morning.

It Begins

IMG 3259

This is why my alarm went off at 3:51 am this morning, summer arrives early in the desert. I was off the trails at 8:15 am and it was already in the high 80’s. Will I get my first taste of a summer monsoon on Saturday? Time will tell, we could use the rain, curious to see what the desert looks like after a storm. Don’t want to be out in it if there will be lightning, but if it’s only rain let’s just say I have some nice rain gear that doesn’t get much use anymore.