Damp and Moldy Dreams. But Still, Hope Remains.

Damn and moldy wishes attached to the Wishing Tree

I took this picture in December to reflect my mood after a national election I still can’t wrap my head around. After a wet fall the wishes attached to the Wishing Tree were damp and moldy and fading, dreams dashed. But then I got home and read the messages and I could see the hope that couldn’t be repressed, the light that would not yield to the darkness.

Some people break my heart, others heal it.

I wish for poems like sparklers or even night constellation fireworks. Kisses. I wish for love kisses.

I wish my sister gets everything she truly deserves. She is my everything. Please!

I wish I could live here so I could see my daughter every day!

I wish to level up!

I wish I wood have a dog

Spelling is not important at the Wishing Tree. You need hope, and hope I will cling to.

Me Too

Snow covered wishes on the Wishing Tree in Portland, Oregon

“I wish you, the person reading this finds love and happiness.”

Snow covered wishes on the Wishing Tree in Portland, Oregon

“I wish for all dogs to have a loving home.”

Our dog Ellie sits beside the Wishing Tree as the snow continues to fall

This one found a loving home and brought love and happiness with her.

As the snow continued to fall I wanted a picture of Ellie beside the Wishing Tree, one of my favorite places on our walks, as my wish was for her to have at least one more chance to play in the snow. So maybe I wished a little too hard and that’s why we ended up with this unusually heavy snow in January. We made the best of it, the pup and I, I’ll never forget that day.

The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland, Oregon

One of my favorite places I pass with Ellie on our walks is the Wishing Tree, where a resident has placed tags for passers-by to write their hopes and dreams.

Some are wistful.

“I wish that I could live here so I could see my daughter every day!”

Some are whimsical.

“For some really fun first dates, followed by no ‘first dates’ ever again!”

Some are practical.

“I wish for smaller class sizes. 30 kindergartners? C’mon people!”

Some are altruistic.

“I wish for life to be happy for everyone.”

Some are heartwarming.

“I wish for the strength and willingness to keep opening my heart.”

Some are heartbreaking.

“I wish that Susan’s daughter will be healthy soon & her tumors will be removed safely.”

There are so many things I am thankful for in my life, and each day I am reminded of two of them: our wonderful dog, and the neighborhood I get to walk her in.

Wishes on the Wishing Tree