A black bear rubs its back on a tree while standing on its hind legs

My favorite moment with this bear, after stopping to eat huckleberries beside the trail (the picture in the previous post), it returned to the trail but soon turned aside again, stood up on its hind legs and began rubbing its back up and down on this tree. I guess it had an itch that needed scratching (or a scent that needed marking).

2 thoughts on “Oh Yes! OH YES! OHHHHH YES!

  1. That sounds about right, the trail was the easiest way to get between two meadows so it would be a good tree to mark. The territory would be suitable for a younger bear, it was a little ways past Myrtle Falls on the Skyline Trail, I would think the older bears would claim areas further away from civilization.

    Perhaps your husband is just marking his territory too πŸ˜‰

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