No Emma, No Peace! No Emma, No Peace!

I put Emma in the basement last night to isolate her from the other cats as we need to collect stool samples from both her and Scout to see which one is having some digestive problems. Emma does not like to be isolated so I spent a mostly sleepless night on the couch in the basement while she pleaded for her release.

We’re still waiting for a stool sample from both cats today so the isolation continues. Every time I open the basement door the ELF (Emma Liberation Front) attempts a mad dash down the steps to rescue the prisoner. So far I’ve managed to keep both Sam and Scout out but they have begun making a concerted effort which makes things harder.

Scout hasn’t been too happy either and spent most of the day hiding under the covers of the bed, a new behavior for her. It didn’t help that we had a couple of service people in this morning as Scout doesn’t care for strangers. Sam goes back and forth between his two sisters, sometimes crawling under the covers with Scout and sometimes meowing encouragement to Emma under the basement door.

Hopefully Scout and Emma will soon give us what we need so the household can be restored. But you know what they say, a watched cat never poops.

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