Free At Last, Free At Last!

Emma was freed from captivity this morning, not by the Emma Liberation Front (though Scout did penetrate my defenses last night), but because she finally gave us a stool sample. We swapped Emma for Scout as she was now the lone holdout but as of 2:22pm she also earned her freedom (again, not due to the Emma Liberation Front. I suggested to Sam that perhaps they should now be the Scout Liberation Front but he said no, they had worked too hard to establish the brand).

No expectant father in a delivery room has been as happy to see his new arrival as I was to find poop in the litter box, the cats are now free to roam the house and and I’m free to stop watching for them to poop. Everybody wins!

A battle won but not the war. Tomorrow morning we have to try for a urine sample from Scout before she and Emma go to the vet. Hopefully the cat boxing will be less eventful than when Scout and Sam went a few days ago …

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