I Broke My Dog! I Broke My Dog!

Today was a shutdown day at work, so instead of my usual workday routine here is how the day unfolded:

  • Sleep in with the cats all around me
  • Play with Ellie
  • Play with the cats
  • Play with Ellie
  • Eat lunch
  • Play with Ellie
  • Take Ellie to obedience training
  • Play with Ellie
  • Take Ellie for a walk
  • Play with the cats

Except in between playing with Ellie and taking her for a walk, there was a vet visit. We were playing ball in the backyard when all of a sudden she came up limp with her left paw hanging lifelessly and all I could think was “I broke my dog! I broke my dog!”

The vet was able to see her right away and as we walked her down to the car she was able to put weight on it, so I started to breathe a little easier. The vet gave her a good checkup and while we don’t know exactly what happened, it doesn’t appear to be serious so she may have just sprained her ankle.

She gets a week of taking it easy so we can watch for signs of trouble, which means no horseplay. Ellie tried to convince me that the vet actually said “mo’ horseplay”. Bless your heart Ellie, I can’t fault you for trying, but I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. She and my wife are sleeping in the basement while Scout and Emma are snoring in harmony beside me.

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