Keep Me Away From My Dog

I can’t seem to stop injuring Ellie.

I took her on an extra-long walk today, during the day she had somehow gotten into a sealed jar of treats and ate the whole batch, so I figured she could both use the exercise and an extra chance to do her business. Right at the end of the walk she started falling behind and even labored up the steps to our house, I just figured she was a pooped pooch from the long walk. When I got her inside, I noticed blood on the floor and realized she cut her foot at the end of the walk, it’s the opposite front foot from the one she injured the other day while we were playing ball so it’s a wonder she can walk at all.

It stopped bleeding pretty quickly but I’m feeling a little cursed. Fortunately she bears no grudges, when I get home from work the three cats greet me at the door and after playing with them a bit, I go downstairs and there’s Ellie with her tail wagging in furious delight.

Emma is once again reveling in the electric warmth of the heated bed so last night’s foray was not a fluke. Fortunately Scout has preferred the window seat in the living room the past couple of nights as she will not be too pleased when she discovers there’s no room in the inn.

There’s plenty of room in Ellie’s bed Miss Scout.


    1. Doing well, we had a lot of playtime today since her week of taking it easy is up and there were no foot mishaps. I did find a few small pieces of wood debris in the yard yesterday from when they put on the new roof last year that must have blown down in the snowstorm at Christmas, she might have landed on one of those since it was the same area where she came up limp last week.

      1. Or maybe not so well, she is limping a bit today, but not all the time, and hasn’t had any active play. So I don’t know what is going on. Maybe she just really enjoys going to the vet 😉

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