A King, A King, My Bedroom For A King

A close-up view of our dog Ellie watching me as she rests on her homemade dog bed in my wife's office in the basement

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!
King Richard in Shakespeare’s Richard III

Ellie had an upset stomach this past week which led to a rather unfortunate if prodigious emptying of her bowels in the living room. The vet suggested we switch her to a bland diet of rice and cooked meat (no bernaise sauce) for a few days and thankfully there have been no more incidents. Erring on the safe side, we isolated her to the easily-cleanable part of the basement while we were at work and at night while we slept. She didn’t mind the imposition while we were gone but our champion snuggler was not pleased about the loss of bed privileges at night.

The morning after she had to be encouraged to eat (a surer sign of the apocalypse than any four horsemen) but otherwise her appetite has been fine. Her energy level and spirits have also been high the whole time and today we started slowly working her regular food back into her diet. So far so good!

She was allowed to rejoin us in bed at night after a few days of no accidents and I’m happy to report that she now moves over when I come to bed at night. I can’t say if her banishment to solitary affected the change but regardless I’m no longer wishing for a king-sized bed.


    1. The worst part is we don’t know what triggered it. As far as we know, she didn’t eat anything she wasn’t supposed to, there’s no missing food and all cats are accounted for.

  1. My guess it was a successful effort to get you to post a new photo of her here. The things dogs (and cats) have to do for a little publicity!

    1. Even that picture is from January, as is another I’ll probably put up soon. I have one newer picture to edit, but I’ve been surprised at how hard it is to get good pictures of a dog her size. Cats are so much easier, or maybe it’s because I’ve had fifteen years of practice. I have a handful of cat pictures coming soon, mostly of Emma.

      I finally got off the stick and got some nice rechargeable batteries for my flash so pictures may be more frequent …

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