Moving Day

Our dog Ellie relaxes on the back porch next to a bottle of Dr. Pepper on the day the movers brought our stuff to our new house

After meeting the movers at the rental house in the morning, I drove to the new house when they were finished and sat with Ellie on the back porch to keep her from “helping” them. My wife had picked up this old school Dr. Pepper, nectar of the gods. It was a beautiful morning, best St. Patrick’s Day ever. I’m worn out from not getting lots of sleep the past couple of days, between looking after Ellie and Boo mewing during the night, but I’m glad we’re home.

We Went For a Swim, the Pup and I

Our dog Ellie relaxes on the carpet in the main room of our new house on her first day in Scottsdale, Arizona

Yesterday afternoon we brought the pets up to the new house so we could spend the night here and the next morning the movers could pack up the rental house without the little ones underfoot. Ellie’s been getting a bit senile in her old age but was able to compensate at the rental house with a familiar routine and familiar place. But in the dark at the new house she got confused in the backyard and with a misplaced step fell into the pool. I jumped in after her and carried her back to the side and she was none the worse for wear. Gave my heart a good scare though.

While she had been fine during the day at the new house, late in the day the stress of the change was clearly confusing her. After we dried off and I changed into new clothes, she kept wanting to walk around the house, then out the front door, then back inside and out to the backyard, over and over again. I was exhausted from the long day but I walked beside her until she was satisfied.

These paths, this place, will feel like home soon enough, but not on this night. Eventually she was willing to stay with me in the main room, I sat beside her and rubbed her belly and stroked her head and finally she fell asleep. I curled up beside her on the floor as Sam slept on my chest until I woke up later and went back to the bedroom. Ellie soon followed and kept brushing up against me so I got up, we walked a while again before she settled down and we fell asleep on the floor for good.

She’s done much better after a full day in the house but still doesn’t feel quite at home, she’s resting beside me now with Sam asleep on my legs. And no impromptu swims!

Ten Minutes

Our dog Ellie rests on the tile near our front door with her tongue sticking slightly out in our rental house in Scottsdale, Arizona

I was too tired to get up early for hiking this morning which meant I could take Ellie for her morning walk instead. The walks are only 10 minutes long these days but I treasure every minute. I was thinking as we walked about how one silver lining of getting laid off last year was getting to walk her every morning while she was still able. She still greets me with joy when I get up in the morning and when I come home from work or hiking, her body is aging but her spirit is ever young. She wasn’t sleeping with her tongue out, I caught her as she was about to lick her nose.

Keep It Down, We’re Trying to Sleep!

Keep It Down We re Trying to Sleep

Harbor seals eke out as much rest as they can amidst the crashing waves as the Pacific rises to embrace them. I too was awakened recently by gentle but relentless sounds, once by the sound of Boo trying to get out of the bedroom closet he got trapped in, once by the sound of him trying to get into a different closet. The Pacific is mighty and mysterious, but not so much as Boo.