Hedgehog Season is Canceled Until Further Notice

A close-up of the face of our dog Ellie in our backyard in February 2010

Ellie got X-rays on her legs today and we have a surgical consult scheduled in a couple of weeks. A lengthy recuperation period of no physical activity follows no matter the outcome, so hedgehogging is right out for a long while yet. And while she’s lost a lot of weight since we got her, she still needs to shed a few pounds, so her food is going to get cut back a bit more. My wife’s been sleeping in the basement with her to keep her company while I’m with the cats upstairs. For a dog that loves to eat and snuggle and hedgehog, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

The basement stairs are blocked off but somehow she slipped past our defenses this morning as I heard the familiar tappa-tappa-tappa of her claws on the hardwood. I gave her the “bed” command so she’d at least lie down in her bed and rest, but she jumped up into bed with me instead. I guess that’s on me for not specifying which bed. She snuggled up to me and Scout and Sam joined in and we all enjoyed the next hour until my alarm rang out and ruined the moment.

I feel so bad knowing how difficult the road ahead will be for her, so to make myself feel better I’ll post a picture from happier times.


    1. Pretty cool, hopefully her legs will heal properly but good to know options. We got an exercise pen yesterday which we’ll use as a non-exercise pen to keep her confined until she’s supposed to be back on her legs.

  1. So sorry to hear about Ellie’s confinement. But I know that she will get the most tender loving care available to man or animal thanks to you and Linda. Am praying for a speedy recovery!!!

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