Our dog Ellie lying down in the backyard in February 2010

Ellie’s leg woes continue. She’s had a bit of a limp so I took her to the vet today and she thinks it might be a torn ligament. Ellie is getting anti-inflammatory pills for a couple of days and then she will probably have to go back in to see what comes next. She’s isolated to the basement now with no activity, not even a walk, and certainly no hedgehogging.

Poor girl.

3 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Aw, she’s on the DL. That’s commitment to the sport. When the hedgehog talent scouts come by in the mid summer it’ll all be worth it!

    • If she did tear a ligament, she certainly did play through the pain, she ran just as hard as she always did whenever we played. All pro performance.

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