The List


I suppose I should mention that, after all the car talk, I’ve decided to wait until at least the fall before replacing either our Civic or our Outback, and maybe not even then. But I did want to have a list of potential candidates in mind in case something bad happened to either car and we had to replace them on short notice.

Replacing the Subaru isn’t so challenging as there are only a handful of cars I would consider, with another Outback at the top of the list. Choosing a replacement for the Civic isn’t so easy since there are so many potential candidates. So I created a mental list of all the cars that have interested me, divided up into four tiers with my favorites at the top, cars that I think I could buy almost sight unseen and be happy with, moving down to cars I like but don’t think I would buy.

The list has been fluid, with my head shoving cars down the list and my heart shoving them back up, but it has started to coalesce. When the time comes, a few test drives should sort things out for good, but here’s where we are for now:

The Favorites

  • Chevrolet Sonic
  • Subaru Impreza

The Challengers

  • Honda Fit Sport
  • Lexus CT 200h
  • Mazda 3
  • Toyota Prius c

The Longshots

  • Chevrolet Volt
  • Ford Focus
  • Honda CR-Z
  • Toyota Prius Plug-in
  • Volkswagen Golf TDI
  • Volvo C30

The Probably Nots

  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Hyundai Veloster
  • Scion iQ

There are a few vehicles coming out this fall that should shake up the list. The Subaru Crosstrek (shown at the top of the post) is the most intriguing, as it is the only car that could replace either the Civic or the Outback. Both the Subaru and Hyundai have been on sale for a while in Europe, while I think the Fords have been on sale there in regular form but not as hybrids.

The Up-and-Comers

  • Ford C-MAX Energi
  • Ford C-MAX Hybrid
  • Hyundai Elantra GT
  • Subaru XV Crosstrek

If the Crosstrek were available today, it’d probably be in our driveway, but we’ll see how the competition stacks up in the fall. And I promise that’s enough car talk for a while.

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