Emma is Running Out of Time

For a few weeks, my wife’s suggestion to try baby food when our cat Emma stopped eating cat food worked miracles. We mixed in taurine since that’s something cats need that isn’t in baby food and she ate eagerly to the tune of 7 to 9 jars a day. She went from 7.7 pounds to 9.5 pounds and while her energy levels were still pretty low, they improved from where they had been. It was remarkable to see after watching her waste away for months.

On the other hand, the chemo we started a few weeks ago didn’t seem to be helping with the underlying disease. And now she’s lost her appetite for even baby food. I think the end of her life is near.

I took her to the vet today for blood work to see if the chemo had damaged her bone marrow, which it can in rare cases. She also got an injection of the anti-nausea medicine we’ve been giving her, as with her digestive issues she may not have been absorbing enough of the medicine from the pills. She wants to eat, even comes into my office to ask me to feed her, but she just can’t eat much at once.

After we got back from the vet so when I got home I let her out of her carrier, went to the bathroom, and went to check on her. She was sprawled in the middle of the basement floor where she doesn’t usually sleep, not moving, and her eyes were unresponsive and staring straight ahead. Fearing she had died I ran down the steps and was relieved to see she was alive but her breaths were shallow and rapid. I called the vet and they thought it might be a stress reaction and to check her gums and bring her in if her breathing didn’t return to normal in 10 minutes.

Her gums were a healthy pink and her breathing did slowly calm down, but it’s shaken her up. She was rather irritated with me after she recovered and went down into my wife’s office where it was dark, then back into the corner under the desk. I’m checking on her occasionally but mostly just letting her sleep, as today was unexpectedly hard on her.

She hasn’t eaten since she came home, hopefully she’ll perk up this evening after she’s had a good rest. I’ve stayed home from work the past two days to encourage her to eat, and will stay home the rest of the week as well, as I think her time is running out.

It’s breaking my heart.


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