Emma 2006-2015

Our black cat Emma sleeping at the top of the cat tree

After an unexpectedly severe reaction to her vet visit today, it seemed our sweet little Emma had finally had enough. Enough of the pills, the injections, the hunger, the nausea, her body starving itself to death. She hid in the corner beneath my wife’s desk, something she hadn’t done before. I let her sleep hoping she was just agitated from her shot at the vet and scared from her stress reaction, hoping she would wake up feeling better, but it was not to be.

I brought a pillow down and lay in the darkness nearby to see if she’d climb on my chest and make biscuits on my stomach, a favorite of hers, but she didn’t budge. I went back upstairs and when I came down later saw that she was at the water bowl, hunched over and looking bewildered. When she saw me coming down the stairs she ran and hid under the desk. This wasn’t our Em.

I let her be until my wife got home from work so we could both evaluate her. Emma wouldn’t eat anything, her breathing was heavy, and if we brought her out and held her she’d go right back under the desk when we released her. She hadn’t been eating enough as it was, but at least earlier in the week even though she wasn’t feeling well there were times when she was happy. It seemed now that she was only going to suffer so we took her to the vet to be euthanized.

She died peacefully as we petted her.

To bring an animal into our home, to love them so completely, is to know that one day they will break our hearts. With Em I thought that day was ten years away. She was only eight years old.

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