Our Newest Family Member


We haven’t settled on a name yet but I took a quick photo of our newest family member yesterday afternoon. I was helping out with some training for work not far from home, and had a break in the middle of the day, so I came home and kept her company. She’s still very nervous so I didn’t want to stress her with too many pictures, this is shortly before she cuddled up beside me and settled into a long nap.

We don’t know much about her history, she’s about four or five months old and was rescued in southeastern Oregon by Harney County Save a Stray before being transferred all the way to Portland. I don’t know if she was a stray or if she had a home but someone could no longer care for her. Her first medical record is from New Year’s Day, so if she was on the streets I’m very thankful someone took her in, there was a cold snap and that day Burns, Oregon had a high of 18° and a low of -6°.

We’re keeping her in isolation in the guest bedroom for at least a week, but we’ll give her as much time as she needs. Now, little one, we just need to settle on your name.

2 thoughts on “Our Newest Family Member

  1. How precious!!! What a blessed kitten – to find such a loving and compassionate home!!!

    The little girl I read with yesterday – said her 2 kittens were named S’mores – being the colors of those treats – and Bolt – because it was white like lightning. Neither apply to your kitty, but thought you would enjoy hearing about their names. 🙂

    Anxious to hear more about your precious nameless kitty!
    Love, Mom

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