Exterminate! Exterminate!

Our orange tabby Sam enjoys the new air conditioner

Doctor Who fans will understand the title, but our “Dalek” is a recently purchased portable air conditioner. Our long term goal is to have central air but in the meantime, with an unusual and extended heat wave gripping Portland, we picked up a portable unit so at least one of the rooms in the house would be tolerable. Especially so for the 4th of July, our least favorite day of the year, as we keep the windows closed even at night to minimize the noise from fireworks that freak out the pets. And especially so for our aging dog Ellie, who when the first hot days hit was panting just sitting still in my office and is tiring quickly on her walks.

My wife and I brought up our MacBooks and iPads into our little bedroom and all the pets have been hanging out with us, although the cats come and go. This is Sam enjoying the cool air, at first the cats weren’t too sure about the noise of the thing but they came to see it as more friend than foe.

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