Hot Cake

An old truck parked on a Portland street with the words Hot Cake painted on the side

While not heavily travelled, Siskiyou is the busiest street Ellie and I cross on our walks, so long ago when training her I started giving her a treat if she’d wait for my command before we crossed. We frequently pass this old truck, owned by a resident on a nearby block, parked here as it’s a cross street with easier access and more available parking than the other streets. It’s often piled high with junk that I assume is awaiting transport to a recycling center. While I’m thankful it’s not parked in front of my house as it’s a bit of an eyesore, I was amused when I noticed it had ‘Hot Cake’ painted on one side, and I’m almost developing an affection for the old thing.

I’m less fond of it when it is parked near the intersection as it completely blocks us from the view of traffic, so I take Ellie to a different intersection to cross if there are any approaching vehicles.

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