“What a day. I’m beat!”

I hear you pup, I hear you.

After my project this year proved unexpectedly difficult, I was running out of steam and looking forward to time off for the Christmas break. But before I could get there I had to work the past two weekends to help the hardware team get ready for the next board turn. They got the design finished and most of my design work is done as well, so today I was able to start two weeks of vacation.

I was exhausted last night and went to bed early yet still slept to 10 a.m, a rarity for me these days. Ellie was waiting patiently in her bed which sits beside ours, waiting to go on her morning walk. By way of apology for making her wait so long I took her on a different route through the neighborhood so she could enjoy lots of new smells, at least what remained after days of heavy rain.

I was in a bit of a fog today so I didn’t do much. Sam and Trixie slept on me most of the day and Boo joined us in the evening. Tomorrow’s big accomplishment will be to watch football all day. Monday I may venture out for some photography, my foot is still a little sore but it has healed enough that I’m willing to give it a little test. If it’s raining heavily I’ll probably venture up to Ridgefield since I can stay in the car on the auto tour, I haven’t been since my visit in January right after Emma died, and it will be good to see some wildlife again. If the weather’s not too bad I’d like to take the new lens and do some hiking in the Gorge.

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