A Meal of Grasshoppers


I had been watching this chipmunk feeding near the trail in Mount Rainier National Park for quite a while when it straightened out its tail and began whipping it back and forth. I looked behind me, then checked the skies, but couldn’t see what had raised the alarm. There were some grouse feeding nearby that were partially obstructed but they had been there even longer than I had.

I soon got my answer when it ran over right in front of me and picked up a grasshopper that had been smashed underfoot by a hiker, then ran back to the big rocks to eat it. Even though I had been watching it for a while, I’m guessing the tail flashing was one last test to make sure I meant it no harm. When it was done eating, it actually ran between my legs and on down the trail.

I guess I passed the test.

A Meal of Grasshoppers


  1. If he only knew your tender loving heart, he would never have doubted that you would bring any harm! I can still remember taking you and your brother when you were young boys to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. You stood gazing at the chipmunk on the ground while ignoring the huge elephants (or whatever large animals were there) – even though we could see them in our yard at home. Even as a young boy you loved all of God’s creation! Thanks for sharing your great pictures and tender loving heart! Does a mom’s heart good! 😊

    1. Even when I’m in the Tetons watching the rising sun light up those glorious mountains, out of the side of my eye I’m looking for chipmunks and squirrels, knowing I’d photograph them in a heartbeat instead. It’s a blessing and a curse. 😉

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