Son of Boo Box

Boo relaxes in the makeshift Boo Box

I finally figured out why Boo was so enamored with the Boo Box, a box that was part of the packaging for the dog ramp we got for Ellie to help her get into the car in her old age. I knew that he liked the size, which was perfectly Boo-sized, but he didn’t show the same devotion to other boxes of the same size. Then I realized that the bottom of the Boo Box was completely flat, while the other boxes had folded flaps that kept the bottom from being smooth.

I’ve been drinking Carnation instant breakfast every morning for at least a couple of decades, so we get in delivered in bulk. The smaller boxes were close in size to the Boo Box and I realized if I opened it a particular way, I could end up with a smooth bottom. So I cut the top off and Boo took to it right away, although it is too tall for him to be able to stretch out like he enjoys. I also put out some old shoe boxes with flat bottoms that have a much lower height and he’s been enjoying those too.

I might wrap this one in wrapping paper so it looks a little more festive, or maybe I should see if Nestle is interested in sponsorship …

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