Sam’s Log, Stardate 70756.6

Our cats Sam and Trixie sleep face-to-face

12:12pm: Curled up on dad’s legs. Purred so loudly he couldn’t hear his show. Then he reached out and scratched my head! Doesn’t he know that will make me purr louder? Now he’s rubbing my footpads and I’m getting sleepy. Really sleepy. Reaaaaallllly sleepy.

2:37pm: Red alert! Red alert! Trixie has entered the room! Dad tells me to relax.

2:38pm: Intruder! Intruder! She’s curled up on dad’s lap, just inches away from me! I voiced my displeasure but to no effect! Dad tells me to relax, she’s not bothering me. But we both know what is about to happen. “Maybe she won’t,” he says, but I know he doesn’t believe it anymore than I do.

2:41pm: See! She pretended she needed to stretch and then resettled just a little bit closer, now her legs are resting on mine! Dad tells me to relax, scratches my head. Don’t distract me now, I know what comes!

2:43pm: Her feet are now on my belly! Dad tells me to relax, says she adores me like I did Scout. Not the same! He lets me lick his hand, that always makes me feel better. Why does that make me feel better? His hands are filthy.

2:45pm: Oh! Oh! Her whole head is on my feet now! Only one stage left! We know it’s coming, it always does! Still he says relax, gently massages my head. I do like that, it feels so nice when … but I will not be distracted!

2:46pm: Face-to-face! As if there was ever a doubt! Dad tells me to relax. He doesn’t know what it’s like having someone constantly snuggle all over him, and I told him so! He says “No I wouldn’t know anything about that …”, but he says it in that voice he uses when he’s trying to teach a lesson, but I think Trixie is already asleep so she didn’t even hear him! I am so upset I might not be able to sleep! I might not! I do like the way he’s rubbing my ears though. Am I purring? Stop purring! Stop purring!

(There are no more entries in Sam’s journal)

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