Our dog Ellie rests on the kitchen floor

Ellie has a dog bed in every room on this floor except the bathroom and the kitchen, where she is here, but sometimes she likes the harder surfaces like the tile of the kitchen or the hardwood everywhere else, I suppose because they are cooler. In fact one of the dog beds is a few feet behind her on the other side of the wall (and there were no cats in it at the time, which is not always the case). She may also be playing the odds and hoping a pizza will accidentally fall off the counter, more likely to happen in the kitchen than anywhere else. Smart thinking pup.

We had air conditioning installed today so the house will be cooler for her during the summer from now on, although these pictures are from March.

Our dog Ellie rests on the kitchen floor

2 thoughts on “Chilling

    • She’s got that look down cold (if you’ll forgive the expression). It makes me laugh to see her only move her eyes (and those wonderful eyebrows) as she watches us move about. Our cat Boo does the same although he’s the only one that does it, the other cats all move their heads a bit.

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