The Pup Pythagoras

Our dog Ellie stands in a snow-covered Irving Park in Portland, Oregon

The past couple of days Ellie has only wanted to go on 45 minute walks, still amazing for her age, but not quite the adventurous 60 to 90 minute walks of previous days. One thing I’ve noticed as she’s aged, in addition to the stiff legs and shortness of breath, is that at an intersection she tries to take the diagonal across instead of crossing each street in turn. She I suppose intrinsically understands the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and at her age wants and needs to minimize effort, but it always makes me think of the famous theorem that bears Pythagoras’ name. It made a big impression on my young self when I first learned of it and I realized the world of mathematics, and our world it describes, is both profound and beautiful.

Despite this I make Ellie take the long way round, crossing each street one at a time instead of taking the diagonal, as we live in the world of the automobile and it is their rules that govern our walks. She doesn’t understand, but then neither do I.

Air Conditioned

A close-up of our dog Ellie covered in snow

We’re in the midst of a long heat wave where it isn’t cooling off much at night, but yesterday we had air conditioning installed so now we have a delightfully cool house. I may have overdone it though when I looked over and saw the pup covered in frost. Although I suppose the trees in the background are a dead giveaway that Ellie is actually outside, this is not from the big snow we had in January but a much smaller one in December. The wind was blowing the snow horizontally in little pellets so I didn’t make her pose long as the dog park is exposed at the top of the hill and the surrounding neighborhood was a more pleasant place to be. She was having a great time despite the expression, she was bored that I stopped our walk for pictures and waited patiently for the fun to resume.

Good Morning America

Our dog Ellie stands in the dog park at Portland's Irving Park

Ellie and I enjoyed a warm but peaceful morning on the 4th of July in the dog park at Irving Park before heading out into the neighborhood. The headlines are a daily reminder that there is a vast difference between what as a country we believe and what we say we believe, and always has been, but there is much to love about America too.

Spring Comes to Irving Park

Our dog Ellie sits in front of blossoming trees in the dog park section of Irving Park in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland, Oregon in April 2017

A picture of Ellie from April in front of blossoming trees at the edge of the dog park section of Irving Park. As much as I love the rain even I was ready for such a glorious sunny day after a wet winter and a wet start to the spring. But then the spring got unusually hot and dry for a while and I was longing for the rain again. I was standing in line at the cafeteria the other day when we had a lovely warm day after a stretch of miserable hot days, and the cashier asked me if this weather was more to my liking since he knows I hate the heat. I said it was just about perfect but I’d love some rain and a colleague in line looked like she was about to have a heart attack and made me repeat what I had just said, her eyes wide in disbelief.

I post this as evidence that I do like the sun in addition to the rain, just give me the warm days, you can keep the hot ones.

An Early Start

Our dog Ellie in the early morning light at the dog park

A couple of weeks ago I woke up early (for a Saturday) so Ellie and I got an early start to our walk. It was a lovely spring morning and since I take the new camera a lot on our walks now, I took a couple of pictures of her at the dog park before we spent the next hour walking the neighborhood.